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A Complete QR Code based Salah Reservation and Contact Tracing Solution with Full Custom Masjid App offered at absolutely no cost to Masjids for conducting Salah Services safely and in full compliance with the COVID-19 Guidelines.

SMART Jamaat Platform has two components, SMART Jamaat App and Masjid Admin Portal. The App is used by Masjid attendees for making and managing reservations and CheckIn along with access to full masjid app. The Admin Portal is used by Masjid Personnel for configuring the entire Masjid salah operations and Masjid App.

Fi Sabilillah

SMART Jamaat is a Fi Sabilillah community giveback Project funded entirely by our non-profit organization and is offered to every Masjid at absolutely no cost to them. EVER.

  • FREE Fully Custom Masjid App
  • FREE Salah Reservation and Contact Tracing Solution
  • FREE Secure Cloud Hosting of End-to-End Encrypted Data
  • FREE Attendee Notification System
  • FREE 24/7 Operational Support
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Full Custom Masjid App

Fully featured Custom Masjid App with real-time data and integrated Reservation system for Salah and Events. Only one App is needed by attendees for ALL Masjids.

  • Real-time Salah Times
  • Donate
  • Events with Reservations
  • Announcements
  • Services
  • Live Broadcast
  • Social Media
  • Salah Table
  • Masjid Details
  • Tasbeeh Counter


Completely secure and end-to-end encrypted data hosted in Microsoft Data Center on Secure Azure Servers with all security protocols enabled and isolated silo for each Masjid.

  • Muslim Non-Profit Organization*
  • Absolutely no Commercial Interest
  • Absolutely NO COST to Masjids…EVER
  • Fi Sabilillah Community Giveback Project
  • Will never SHARE or SELL data to 3rd Party
  • Fully funded by group of Muslim Executives
  • Developed by Muslim Owned Software Company
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Automated Contact Tracing Solution

SMART Jamaat offers an automated contact tracing solution in the case of a COVID-19 positive test. Auto notifications are enabled to trace and contact. All historical data is available for tracing. In addition, system flags and blocks the person from making any reservations at any masjid.

User can notify the system of a positive test through app or website and system will automatically kick off the tracing operation.

Fully Automated QR Code Solution

SMART Jamaat uses a unique QR Code for each registrant for automating the Reservations and Check-In Process. Masjids can scan either the Mobile CheckIn Pass, Attendee Profile QR Code or Emailed QR Code to complete the Masjid CheckIn.

In addition, Masjids have Express Masjid QR CheckIn Process that is embedded within SMART Jamaat App. The process is extremely simple, super-fast and One-click operation. Simply login and start scanning the QR Codes of the Attendees.

No additional QR Scanning equipment is needed. Masjid personnel simply will use any available phone, tablet or computers with a camera.

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Four Quls

ADMIN Control Panel

Designated Masjid Admins have access to the Admin Portal. A Masjid can configure the entire masjid salah operations using the portal and also set Guidelines, Questionnaire and Disclaimer. Admins also have full access to all the Masjid historical data with various export options.

  • Set Iqama Times
  • Turn Salah On/Off
  • Set upto FIVE Juma Salah
  • Set the capacity for brothers and sisters
  • Number of Spots per Reservation
  • Rolling Open Days for Reservation
  • Configure Special Salah and Events
  • Configure Masjid App

Masjid uses the volunteer section of the admin portal for the Check-In Process. In addition, they can fully customize the Masjid App parameters including the announcements, events in real-time.

Special Salah and Masjid Events

Attendees can reserve their spots for all Special Salahs like Eid Salah, Taraweeh, etc. and any Masjid Events Tafsir, Halaqa, etc. using the SMART Jamaat App.

Special Salah Section in admin portal allows Masjids to configure all Special Salahs and Masjid Events. QR Code based system will make the entire masjid Check-In process a breeze.

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