SMART Jamaat is a Fi Sabilillah community giveback Project funded entirely by a non-profit created by a coalition of Muslim CEOs, CTOs and Executives from top IT giants like IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Cisco, etc. The technical solution is developed and supported by an Enterprise Software company and is offered to every Masjid at absolutely no cost to them.

The new reality of the pandemic world made everyone take a step back, rethink everything and necessitated us to create innovative ways to lead the presumably the new normal way of life. As people try to balance the work and life, usually religion takes a back seat but by Allah’s mercy, it gave us a tremendous chance to connect with the family and Allah in a more intimate way

Masjids are under tremendous community pressure to offer Salah services such as Juma, Eid and even few regular Salah but they need to do it safely, with ability to manage and track attendance until social distancing is needed. We have developed SMART Jamaat to fulfil the need, provide the tools for masjids to open safely and protect the attendees by offering a safe and secure environment by following all government and health officials’ guidelines, protocols.