We are fanatic about Data Privacy and Security.

We are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of the data and we are fanatic about protecting the data privacy and security.

Privacy and Security

We are firm believers of protecting the data, maintaining data privacy and ensuring the data security. We take extreme precautions and have implemented the industry’s best practices including but not limited to end to end encryption, varying levels of security protocols and all of our data is securely stored on Microsoft Azure data centers and every Masjid’s data is stored in their own individual silos.

Terms of Use

With any data we collect and retain, we take every reasonable action to protect against its loss or misuse, both in transit and at rest. While in transit, it is protected using end-to-end encryption and SSL protected web pages. At rest, it resides in encrypted and secured servers/databases. Most importantly, we only store data for as long as required, and, critically, we will never sell, rent or lease it to any third parties.