SMART Jamaat App Launched

SMART Jamaat App is launched with Full Rervations Module with Full Prayer table

Single App for all Masjids

'Pick a Masjid' is introduced to expand the Reservations Module for all Masjids.

Mobile Checkin Module Added

Full Mobile Checkin Module is Integrated into App.

Admin Portal Launched

Masjid Admin Portal is Launched with full Masjid Salah Configuration. Reservation Module is expanded to reserve Borthers and Sisters Spots separately.

Masjid CheckIn Module Added

Masjid CheckIn Module is integrated into Admin Portal.

My Reservations Module Added

'My Reservations' module is added to the App.

Turning On/Off Individual Salah

Individual Salah On/Off ability is added to Admin Portal.

Custom Masjid Logo in App

Custom Masjid Logo display in App

COVID-19 Queastionnaire Added

COVID-19 Questionnarie, Guidelines and Disclaimer are made mandatory for Reservations and CheckIn in App.

Full QR Code Module Added

QR Code is integrated in App for Unique Profile Id and for Mobile CheckIn QR Pass. Masjid CheckIn module is updated to QR Code based process including Full Auto mode.

Special Salah/Events Module

Special Salah and Events Module is introduced with option to have up to 10 Salahs. Juma Salah is expanded to have up to 5 Salahs.

Default Home Masjid Setup

Default Home Masjid can be set in App.

Contact Tracing Module Added

Full Contact Tracing Module is integrated into Admin Portal. Self-Report option added to both App and Website.

Auto Notification Module Added

Fully enabled Auto notification system is integrated into the solution.

Two-Factor Authentication Added

Two-Factor Authetication is added for App.

SMART Jamaat V2 is Launched

Full Custom Masjid App is integrated. Every masjid automatically gets their custom app with No cost and No maintenance.

Instant Reservation Module Added

Instantly Reserve next active salah by scanning Masjid QR Code.

Express Masjid CheckIn from App

Simply login and start scanning the QR Codes of the Attendees.

Tasbeeh Added

Mussalis can use built in digital Tasbeeh for the Dikr.

Qibla Direction Finder

Just tab to find the Qibla direction using SMART Jamaat App.

Attendee Vaccination Verification

Manage vaccinated Attendee details with special vaccination badge in the user profile.

Islamic School Portal

SMART Jamaat offers a complete Student Registration and Management platform.